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Gelato CBD Pre-Roll (Hybrid)

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Gelato, Hemp Pre-Roll, 100% Organic Hybrid CBD Joint

Originating in the bay area, Gelato is a HYBRID dominant strain that was created in a collaboration between cannabis grower Mr. Sherbinski and the Cookie Fam. Notable members of the Cookie Fam include famous rapper Berner and the mysterious Jigga. The genetics of Gelato is Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. 

Hemp Pre-Roll Specs:

Flavors: Sweet Sherbet, Cookies, Gelato

Effects: Calm, Sooth, Repair

Cannabinoids: 10.67% Total Cannabinoids | 10.42% CBD | 9.0% CBDa 

Hand-Trimmed, Lab-Tested, Discreet Shipping, 100% Organic, Farm Bill Approved, Pesticide Free, Terpene Rich

What is a terpene?

Terpenes are what give an orange its citrusy aroma; they are responsible for the unique smell of pine trees. Simply put: terpenes are organic compounds that determine taste and smell. Every plant is capable of producing some terpenes. Although, hemp is the king of terpenes. It was recently discovered that hemp and cannabis are the only plants in the world that can create every known terpene. You heard that right: hemp can exhibit ANY natural flavor on the planet. Every hemp strain will have a slightly different terpene profile and thus will taste and smell slightly differently. When we breed a male and a female hemp plant, the offspring express different flavor profiles. That is why we are so passionate about breeding. We hope to unlock flavors and effects that currently do not exist.


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Laguna Beach, California

My hometown guys are always killing it! Bring on all the D8 produts!

Anonymous, California

My parents love these! They ask me to bring them more every time that I see them.

Victor S.
Cape Cora, Florida

Just got mine in the mail. Going to be posting a review to my Youtube channel @missybsmokes420. It would mean the world to me if you would subscribe and like some of my videos

Robin S.
Tracy, California

Does not come with a lighter so it isn't truly ready-to-go

Joe R.
Glendora, California
Burns too fast

I thought it burned too fast but other than that it was good

Tylar M.
Pasadena, California
Best for the price

Price was cheaper than any of their other prerolls. I thought it was good but I wasn't blown away by any means

Lexi B.
Logan, Utah
Great replacement

Used to smoke a lot of MMJ until i found these. I miss good ole MMJ but these seem to do the trick.

Samantha O.
Mountain View, California
Never in stock

Been trying to order for awhile but they always seem to be out of stock with what I want. Didn't have snowman CBG but they had the gelato prerolls so I grabbed a few.