Our Story - Purveyors of Premium Hemp Flowers

How was Umami Hemp Company founded?

We were founded by the Umami Brothers; purveyors of premium cannabis and hemp flowers; two brothers with an obsession for all things cannabis and hemp. In 2006, the brothers cultivated their first crop of small-batch cannabis and haven't looked back since. Our love for the plant has given us the opportunity to share its benefits with people all around the world. Umami Hemp Company actually started because the Umami Brothers were looking for a company that provided consumers with hemp flower that was high quality, lab tested, and most importantly — delicious. In our search for hemp flower that met our standards, we found none. Coming from the cannabis industry, we saw a huge gap between premium cannabis and premium hemp flowers. The "premium" hemp on the market looked like the Mexican brick weed that we smoked as teenagers — resembling lawn clippings more than top shelf CBD flower. We decided to apply our cannabis expertise to the hemp industry and Umami Hemp Company was born.

Living in Southern California, we work tirelessly to infuse the beach lifestyle into our products. While they will not get you “high”, we hope that our smokable hemp flower will provide relaxation, euphoria, laughter, and a general feeling of fulfillment. To learn more about CBD and hemp flower, check out our blog post. We want each puff of our hemp flower to teleport you to a Southern California beach where you feel the sand between your toes, the heat of the sun on your face, and hear the tranquil sound of crashing waves. The most important element of our hemp flower is flavor. Have you ever tried something that is so tasty you have a tough time describing it? That is the definition of umami. We will always strive to provide you with the most umami flavors we possibly can.

Umami Hemp Company CBD Flower Beach and Ocean

How did the Umami Brothers get their notoriety?

The elder of the Umami Brothers co-founded The Clear™ Concentrate in 2013. The Clear™ pioneered the distillation of cannabis oils and was the first company to develop custom fabricated cannabis distillation equipment. Widely credited as the first company to put cannabis oil into a vape cartridge, The Clear's technology is largely responsible for bringing vapes and extracts to the retail market. They created the class of concentrates known today as “Solvent Free” and are leaders in the global cannabis industry. In October of 2013, The Clear™ was on-site in Colorado for the first legal hemp harvest in the United States in over fifty years. Their chemists then took that hemp crop and manufactured America's first hemp-based CBD extracts. Pictured below is a 3000 gram dragon ball, another invention from The Clear.

Umami Hemp Company Dragon Ball

After creating a multi-state franchise with the clear, he founded Umami Seed Company™ in February of 2018. This has allowed him to share his passion for unique cannabis genetics across the globe. The company slogan is Flavor > Everything and all of his creations are geared towards unlocking the plethora of exotic flavors, effects, and cannabinoids yet to be found among the diverse cannabis gene pool. The knowledge gained from breeding cannabis strains applies perfectly to hemp, as the biology of the two plants is nearly identical. 

What is new for the Umami Brothers?

In 2020, the Umami Brothers announced their newest project, a Southern California greenhouse hemp facility. The first plants went into the ground in April of 2020. The new greenhouse facility will provide incredibly fresh, CBD rich, organically grown hemp flowers on a weekly basis — every week of the year. An additional greenhouse will be erected solely for genetic research and development. The Umami Brothers will use the R&D greenhouse to breed brand new strains of hemp with flavors and effects that do not currently exist. The hemp flower that comes from the greenhouse facility will be exclusively top shelf, with terpenes that rival the top cannabis strains.

Umami Hemp Greenhouse Hemp Project Southern Cali