Is hemp flower legal in my state?

Yes! Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp flower is legal in the United States. We can legally ship Umami Products all around the United States! However, we understand that there is a certain stigma around products that resemble cannabis. For this reason, all orders are sent vacuum sealed with discreet shipping

Will hemp flower get me “high”?

No! The psychoactive (what gets you “high”) component of cannabis is THC. All of our products contain less than <.3% THC. The main component of our products is CBD. While CBD can help you relax, reset, and recharge — it will not get you “high”! We often get told that our hemp flower is like diet weed — you get all the positives of weed without the negative effects.

If hemp flower doesn't get me high, what does it do?

Hemp flower has helped the Umami Brothers in more ways than we can count. For us, hemp flower provides a moment to check in with our bodies and our minds. It helps us to slow down the world around us, take a deep breath, think clearly, and prepare for whatever the day can throw at us. There are numerous scientific studies that suggest hemp flower reduces inflammation, assists with sleep, relieves pain, suppresses muscle spasms, promotes healthy immune system function, relieves anxiety, assists with combating nausea, and inhibits cancer cell growth. Here is a link to the National Institute of Health for more information about cannabinoids (the main component of our hemp flower) and their effects. Although these statements have not yet been evaluated by the FDA, as the stigma around this incredible plant decreases, we are hopeful the FDA will take an honest look at hemp flower and show the world how useful it can be when used the right way.

Why does smokable hemp flower work more effectively than other forms of CBD?

The answer comes down to bioavailability. Not all forms of hemp are absorbed by the body equally. When hemp flower is inhaled, such as through a Pre-Roll, it is absorbed by the body almost immediately. Bioavailable CBD from our line of smokable hemp flower is 10x higher than that of edible CBD products and is 5x higher than sublingual tinctures. One Umami Pre-Roll has the same amount of bioavailable CBD as a 1,500 MG CBD edible!

Why is Flavor > Everything?

The Umami Brothers are all about flavor. In fact, its how we got our name. Have you ever tried something so tasty that you have a tough time describing it? That sensation is what Umami is all about. If it doesn’t taste good, why are you putting it in your body? Life is too short to smoke bad hemp. 

While every strain will taste differently, our core flavors are fruit, citrus, lemon/lime, chocolate, vanilla, sweet, mint, and pine. The flavor is determined by the terpenes present in the plant. These terpenes are essential to the entourage effect — the phenomenon that cannabinoids work better in synergy. This is why full spectrum CBD (provided by all Umami products) is in such high demand.

Where can I find your shipping, privacy, and terms of use information?

All of this information can be found in the footer on the bottom of the page.