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Lemon Haze CBD Pre-Roll (Sativa)

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Lemon Haze, CBD Joint, Organic Sativa Hemp Preroll

Lemon Haze is a SATIVA dominant strain made famous by the Dutch. In fact, the majority of coffee shops in the Netherlands still offer this timeless strain. This CBD strain provides a great boost of energy and is a perfect daytime smoke. The Umami Brothers love Lemon Haze in the morning with a cup of coffee or before a tough workout.

Hemp Pre-Roll Specs:

Flavors: Citrus, Lemon, Lime

Effects: Alert, Aware, Focused

Cannabinoids: 10.71% Total Cannabinoids | 10.47% CBD | 9.0% CBDa

Vacuum Sealed, Discreet Shipping, Hand Trimmed, Lab Tested, Farm Bill Compliant, Terpene Rich, High Bioavailability  

Why is smoking the most effective way to consume CBD and hemp flower? 

Inhalation of hemp flower ensures the highest bioavailability. When hemp flowers are smoked, they are absorbed by your lungs almost immediately. When you eat an edible, it must be broken down and is slowly (and inefficiently) metabolized into your body. Bioavailability (the amount of CBD your body can uptake) from smokable hemp is 10 times stronger than a CBD edible. You would have to eat 1,000 MG of CBD edibles to match the amount of bioavailable CBD in just one of our hemp flower pre-rolls.

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Los Angeles, California


Tyrus B.
Savannah, Georgia

Says it wakes most people up but it puts me to bed

Chad A.
Dublin, Ohio

Does anyone know if I can get these at a dispo?

Alessia P.
Laguna Beach, California
Beach vibes

I met one of the founders on vacation. He was out shooting photos in Laguna Beach and I ran into him. He gave me a free preroll!

Tony T.
Irvine, California

They restocked and I got mine!

Braxton C.
Chino, California
Good with a beer

I like my prerolls with a beer after work. Helps me relax. Umami Hemp Company also gave me a 50% discount for my IG photo.

Jaxon N.
Coachella, California
COA and Lab test

I love how it comes with the COA and a letter to law enforcement. All companies should be required to do this!

Lars U.
Troy, New York
Trip to Amsterdam

I had this strain in a coffee shop when I was in Europe. The Umami preroll was far more "lemony" than the one I had in Amsterdam.