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Blueberry Pie Preroll Umami Hemp Co
Preroll Blueberry Pie CBD
Blueberry Pie CBD Preroll
Blueberry Pie CBD Pre-Roll (Hybrid)
Blueberry Pie CBD Pre-Roll (Hybrid)

Blueberry Pie CBD Pre-Roll (Hybrid)

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Blueberry Pie, CBD Pre-Roll, 1 Gram, Hybrid Hemp Flower Joint

If there is one word that would describe the smell and taste of Blueberry Pie, that word is FRUITYThis hemp strain has landrace genetics (ancient ancestors) which originate from Southeast Asia and Central America. We grew our Blueberry Pie indoors. It may cost more to grow hemp flower indoors, but the difference in quality is enormous. 

Hemp Pre-Roll Specs:

Flavors: Sweet Pastry, Blueberry, Frosting

Effects: Uplift, Vitalize, Energize

Cannabinoids: 13.47% CBD | 14.41% Total Cannabinoids

  • Every Pre-Roll is Wax Dipped by Hand — The Old Fashioned Way
  • 100% Indoor Grown CBD Flower
  • Vacuum Sealed with Discreet Billing and Shipping
  • Lab Tested with Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Fully Farm Bill Compliant (<.3% Delta9THC)
  • High Bioavailability
Umami Snowman CBG Pre-Roll

What is the difference between CBD and CBG?

CBG and CBD are two different cannabinoids that are found in hemp flower. The full name of CBG is cannabigerol. It is often referred to as "the mother cannabinoid" because CBG is the first cannabinoid to be synthesized by the hemp plant. CBG is responsible for the creation of CBD, THC, and other useful cannabinoids. Only recently have geneticists been able to breed plants with high levels of CBG. Many users report alertness, focus, and a boost of energy when they consume CBG, but scientists have only recently begun to understand the full effects of this cannabinoid.

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Tampa, Florida

I guess I have a very low tolerance because I could really feel the effects from this. Not overpowering like normal weed but still very noticable

San Francisco, California
It was a terpy day

Terp wave OH! keeping it krispy kreme on the scene!

Adam V.
Council Bluffs, Iowa

One of the best Pre-Rolls that I have ever had. These guys arent my favorite company but they are at the top of my list

Monica S.
Santa Ana, California

So I had been waiting for my package for what felt like forever (not really haha) and it finally came. Ripped it open and found a letter to law enforcement, COA, and my order info. They also gave me a free bubba kush joint! I didn't even ask for it. The bubba kush burned really good and I'm looking forward to trying the other one later.

Bridgette W.
Sparks, Nevada

The container that has the wax on it is very official

Deja U.
Santa Fe, New Mexico
are they in stores

Does anyone know of any stores where I can buy these? Like can I get them at a smoke shop?

Chris L.
Houston, Texas
gas station

tried one at the gas station and this was better

Hannah C.
Hollywood, Florida
Like the flower

Preroll tastes a lot like the flower. I think they use fresh flower in the prerolls