Umami Hemp Snowman CBG Preroll
Snowman CBG nug
Snowman CBG Preroll Flower
Snowman CBG Pre-Roll (Hybrid)
Snowman CBG Pre-Roll (Hybrid)
Snowman CBG Pre-Roll (Hybrid)

Snowman CBG Pre-Roll (Hybrid)

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Snowman CBG, CBG Pre-Roll, 1 Gram, Hybrid Hemp Flower Joint

We took the smaller buds from our Snowman CBG flower and used them to create the Snowman CBG Pre-Roll. Snowman CBG is the white whale of all CBG varieties. The buds are totally caked in frost (where CBG is synthesized and stored). Our Pre-Rolls come ready to smoke, all you need is a lighter!

Hemp Pre-Roll Specs:

Flavors: Diesel, Pine Forest, Hash

Effects: Arousing, Euphoric, Stimulating

Cannabinoids: 13.78% CBG | 14.83 % Total Cannabinoids

  • Wax Dipped by Hand — The Old Fashioned Way
  • 100% Indoor Grown CBG Flower
  • Vacuum Sealed with Discreet Shipping and Billing
  • Lab Tested with Full Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Federally Legal due to Farm Bill Compliance (<.3% Delta9THC)
  • High Bioavailability
Umami Snowman CBG Pre-Roll

What is the difference between CBD and CBG?

CBG and CBD are two different cannabinoids that are found in hemp flower. The full name of CBG is cannabigerol. It is often referred to as "the mother cannabinoid" because CBG is the first cannabinoid to be synthesized by the hemp plant. CBG is responsible for the creation of CBD, THC, and other useful cannabinoids. Only recently have geneticists been able to breed plants with high levels of CBG. Many users report alertness, focus, and a boost of energy when they consume CBG, but scientists have only recently begun to understand the full effects of this cannabinoid.

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Portland, Oregon

FLavors are all really good. I reordered the Blueberry Pie because it was so dang tasty. Itsall about the terps!

Seattle, Washington
Wakes me up

Really gives me a nice clear headed boost of energy. I prefer to smoke these during the day rather than at night

Tustin, California
Tastes like pie

I got one Snowman and one Blueberry Pie and I thought they both tasted like pie. Nothing wrong with them, just didn't expect snowman to taste like pie.

Connor L.
Reno, Nevada
Weird payment

Payment option is weird. I would rather pay it all now

Nathan L.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Best early in the day

I would not suggest smoking this at night, it gives you way too much energy

Nik P.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
CBG Preroll

Found these guys on IG and hopped on one of their sales. Got me two of the CBG Pre-Rolls. Had part of one last night and had the rest this morning. I would say this is more of a daytime strain but I also liked it at night

Phoenix, Arizona
Down with it

Huge upgrade over the stuff that I tried at my local head shop. This stuff actually looks and smells like the real deal.

Bridger P.
Filmore, Utah
Slow shipping

Took awhile to ship. Ordered on friday and didnt get to my door for a week. The joint did give me a lot of energy and I didnt notice a crash