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We exist to unlock new flavors of CBD rich cannabis flower that are inexplicably delicious. Using ancient cannabis breeding techniques, we discover new strains the world has never seen before.

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I absolutely loved it! Y'all know what you are doing. Amazing product. That lemon haze! The smell is 10/10. The taste is 10/10. The effect is 10/10. Y'all will be hearing from me again. Finally found my go to strain and company for gelato. So flavorful in every puff. You guys are the total package.


Unreal. I have tried lots of CBD companies and no one has flower that tastes as good as yours does. Lots of other companies sell hemp that tastes burnt when I smoke it. But your prerolls and flower had white ash and smoked more smoothly than any THC strain I have tried.


I used to smoke marijuana back in the 90's but all of the buds on the market today are too strong for me. I tried the Bubba Kush flower that was recommended from a friend. I can't believe I didn't try it sooner.


Found these guys on Instagram and decided to buy during their valentines sale. Their packaging is beautiful but its the flower that sets them apart.


Shipping is quick and discreet. Plus it came vacuum sealed so there was no smell until I ripped open the bag.


I've tried hemp flower from my local smoke shop and I was not impressed. I came across these guys and decided to give it another shot. I'm glad I did. The lemon haze preroll tasted just like lemon. I went on a run after I smoked it and I felt like I was on cloud 9.


They messed up my order. Sent me an extra two prerolls. Contacted them about it and they said go ahead and keep them. My next order I got an extra two prerolls too. Won't be mad if this keeps happening.


First time customer from Utah. I'll admit it was a little weird to open a package for what looks exactly like weed. Been smoking a bowl of it every morning before work.


Seen these guys all over IG and finally ordered a half ounce of Bubba Kush. Big fat dense nugs that were really fresh.